The enemy knows God isn’t violent so he sends violence against God’s people…. Clever? mmh God gets it, he smirks (kids)…. Then

God sends authority…. to his people, God’s type of authority is soul winning, the enemy’s mind bending..

The obstacles that one must go through to gain God’s type of authority (impossible odds) MANY do not make it. 1 point to the enemy

But the one who CAN overcome and gain that level of authority 99 points to them..

This is the greatest battle on the planet, it’s the motive behind everything we see in the physical. “It is” because God Vs. The Enemy still continues

Every plot, storyline, commercial, business, lifestyle, desire, dreams, goals, purpose, drive, want, need, hope etc stems from this battle!!!


God vs The Enemy !!!!


Uncertainty is proof that God exist, How? Because we are aware of two things in one moment when we are obviously just one thing. It’s like saying we are two people when we are obviously just one and if you do try and say there is “two of you” you end up being medicated and potentially locked up and labeled. How tragic that our lack of understanding can bring such oppression, but to circle back uncertainty is telling us that something should be but it isn’t. How? Well first you would need two subjects to create that awareness in the first place, 2nd where could those two subjects stem from because obviously they come from somewhere. They are just there present within you right? How? If you didn’t put the concepts in you, then someone outside of you must of…. mmmh who could that be and if the entire world is also thinking the same but don’t know how it all got there, clearly something else is out there, outside of us. 

It’s like a math equation, you need the equation and you (your brain) right? Exactly

We have us recognizing the uncertainty but where did the knowledge of uncertainty come from. Not from someone because they too just “recognized” we still need the second part to the “equation” who is that?

Beautiful, Rookie

My thoughts are something that I’ve pulled out of me after I was taught how, and now I and them are at this oak table (seats about 30 length wise) and I’ve got 4 years scattered in front of me, lit up like a city…

“I think I’ve founded a new city” … Either I’m a leader, or Pioneering to be 1


God has allowed me to see  life from a 2-way mirror… So like I can see within people and their “insides” become hallways, deep deep hallways with rooms, lots and lots of rooms. I instinctively know which rooms I can go into, the ones with the light shining under the door and it’s so dark within the halls the rooms are impossible to miss. Some halls are quiet and some are heavy, but sometimes god will move me out-of-the-way and like replaced me with HIS heart. OMG…. Sometimes it’s so intense it’s like trying to figure out where I am like my life opens up like this park in a dream with the merry-go-round and the flower fields. I’m totally there and so you can kind of see why it’s so intense, I’m in two places at once, knowing me then putting that to the side and then putting on the other heart.

Lived Life Twice

On the basis that God exists, I’ve lived life twice.. 1 of me broken and the other me not but completely complete.. So I’ve had to live life backwards, while moving forward to come into harmony with… myself

We are always “yearning” for something, actually now it’s clear and it’s someone… Your- self

This is why life is not random, how could it be if you’ve already lived it

God is perfect so you can bet we came out perfect the first time. Then we touched base and well… we know the story

Scriptural prove to begin with cause it’ll take some “opening” to get past what we’ve come to know and understand but these are a great start:

Psalm 139:13-14 

Luke 12:7

Psalm 37:4

X-Ray Vision



Cause some of us are born with the ability to see what’s in the HEART, allowing us to see through and past anyones actions… SCARY, if you ask me