I always wake up so curious like my life cannot wait for me to wake up while I am sleeping as if my life has something to tell me which is strange cause who is running my life if it is waiting for me to wake up?

who is my awake life when I am sleeping? I only ask such question because I am aware of myself sleeping while I’m sleeping but I’m not awake. Aren’t we just one person? my one person is sleeping therefore I can’t be awake too.. right?

either we are just one person or I’m some developing superhuman lol

Day and Night

The craziest concept…

it displays 2 different lives at one time living together that might not necessarily go together, it’s intensity and a push and pull, its confusion 

its uncertainty


I miss the womb now… at least in there everything was in one direction and worked together, was on the same page and had one understanding of a process and what was to happen. Maybe Heaven or Hell won’t be so bad…. whatever you happily choose, at least you’ll all be on the same page, of the same kind, of the same understanding, of the same purpose and destiny.