A New Age Einstein

The world is ripe for new insights and with that being said I have been pressed and been working on a new theory for time. Its overall possibilities will open the gates to new ways of functioning for all of humanity as well as reevaluating our potential as human beings.


One thing I do not do is leave my fate in the hands of another. We’re here to enjoy each other, not rule and dictate what a person does or becomes.

There is a new prize everyday

The only thing I am is the person I choose to be today because yesterdays person vanished with the identity and all that I acted upon, did, said, or thought. And the person I’ll be tomorrow will not be the person I am today unless I choose to carry whichever parts I enjoyed on. Thank God everyday is a new day and you can throw away all the garage of yesterday and never remember it ever again. There is not one thing I have to hold to, I also do not have to hold onto anything that has happened to me. We need to take hold of the fact that a new day means a new person.


Life would probably say, “do things that will live on with eternal truth.” Bodies die and souls won’t. Soul knows life is never ending, the body knows it’ll be gone sooner than you know it, and the mind hopes to just make sense of it all. So who then trust?

A) Soul that knows forever
B) Body that knows it’ll be gone sooner than you know it
C) Mind that’ll always be trying to figure the two out

Life would probably choose ___.