Time and place for everything

If you choose to carry out an emotion past its time, it’ll harness you and in return take over your time. Instead of being in control, the emotion has now taken control of you and time and it becomes all you experience. Time is suppose to be a servant not a master but without letting go, emotions cover it all up and you end up using one against the other.

Beauty and Beyond

Believing in something you cannot pick up with your five senses that was never intended to be picked up with those senses anyways.. That’s just the beginning beauty of God. You have to choose to go beyond what you know, what you feel, what you see, what you understand. You have to choose to trust in every situation, you have to choose to believe in every situation, you have to choose to keep going in every situation. No wonder your five senses weren’t intended to pick up things such as those, because they’ll just get in the way.

When you notice beauty it goes beyond what you know right? It goes beyond what you feel right? It goes beyond what you understand right? Nothing gets in the way right? Well in moments where beauty goes beyond you cannot say there is no such thing as a God, because what you just experienced is who he is. Beyond the senses, using any of them to try and understand this would just get in the way. That’s beauty, beyond what you’ll ever know.

– Oakley

Traveling Through 

Close your eyes to find a world hidden within the mind, but if the mind were a place I’d be super hesitant to visit, very unsure of when I’d leave, or just regret every moment I could of gone.