Touching Hearts Like I’m the Fingerprints left behind 

There is change in my throat soaking up my vocal cords. So when I open my mouth and speak, expect my voice to touch you. I’m vicious like 100 degree weather trapped in a house with no air conditioning. I’m sincere like rose petals on the floor of a romantic getaway. I’m alive like a newborn baby’s first breath. I mean business like I’m the CEO and the world is my office. Award me life because I’m training for it like an Olympic athlete. Converting a new craftsmanship wrapping my passion around people like I’m their mother or something. Expressing love like I’m the one who placed hearts inside each person. Standing in the gaps like I’ll create an earthquake if I move. 
Poetry I’m a poet people. I feel words like you need air in your lungs to breathe. I articulate like I have a rule book of exactly what to say. I’ll change your life like a tragic phone call then help you put things together like a funeral. I’ll leave you in awe like you thought I was trying or something, a natural disaster. A primary cause. An individual coming against my flaws. Speaking like I’ve tapped into unlimited resources, how then could I not be of help? My thoughts are like the news broadcasts, I need everyone to hear. My favorite public service announcement. Embracing change like I created the word. Touching hearts like I’m the fingerprints that are left behind… I’m here for you like your eyes giving you the ability to see, like your mind giving you the words to speak, like your stomach crying for food to eat, like your heart beats, like your flesh seeks.


Could it be your bored because your not doing what your suppose to? How can you not find excitement in a heart that’s filled and going after what it’s suppose to?

Love Thy Self

The complex beauty to discover who you are outside of the lines of the world we live in. That in stillness you know who you are while the world demands work. In peace you know who you are while the world displays chaos. In love you know who you are while in the world all you see is hate. In loss you know who you are like you just won the Super Bowl. In pain you know who you are like your being stabbed but can’t feel a thing. When you hear “no” you know who you are because in your mind that “no” is a yes. You could leave your body and return to it in the dark like a bloodhound picks up a scent. Sticks and stones may break bones, but someones  words will never hurt you because they don’t match up to your character description. It’s so sweet to be loved but when your loved by yourself because you know yourself, priceless.  

Dangerous Additction 

Why must we cast doubt upon an individual? Are you the spirit of that person? Why then would you have any kind of disbelief when someone tells you their goals and dreams? Do you not believe in them because you simply don’t believe in yourself? Are we jealous of one another? If someone else’s plans seems higher then our own, why does that anger us? Envy is a dangerous addiction, that inner hate against someone destroys lives. We should never be afraid to share a dream with someone, it should only spark in our hearts inspiration. I’m for you, not against you.

“Who Is She?” 

 I’m not going to be little me anymore. I’m not going to blend in anymore. I’m not going to go unnoticed anymore. I’m global. The impact isn’t just hundreds of people or even millions, but billions. My voice will be heard, my life will be seen, I will be known. No more struggle, everything will literally be at my finger tips. My life is changing drastically, I’m literally losing site of all the negative belifs and thoughts that have kept me stuck for years. I as a person am changing, my abilities are increasing, my knowledge is expanding.

 It’ll get to a point where there is nothing I can’t do. People from all over this world are about to start seeking me. I’ll need body guards. I’ll be amongst A-listers. I’ll be influential, creating an impact with every word I speak and every step I take, and to say the least, powerful. The world will be in my hands. My family has no clue. I’m not average, I never have been. One of the minorities, not stuck in the majority. When you know you just know and its my time now. I have so much insight, my intuitive radar is off the charts.

I wonder how Justin Bieber felt at his start because I feel like him, without really knowing, but I know I feel the same way. Ironiclly I grew up feeling the exact opposite of how I feel now, but I was in the dark then without any guidance, without any love, without any insight, without any understanding, without God. When I found him in Germany, that’s when all these feelings began. I began to understand. I became accepted. I began to experience. 

You cry during the pain, but you cry cause its real too. Pain tears are different than understanding tears, I’ve felt them both and these tears are the ones I want. These are understanding tears, understanding that my life will never be the same again. 

The woman of the generation… how? I’m asking the same question, but when you know, you just know. My gut feelings are waiting for me to embrace the call placed over my life. We all have different calls and no one can fulfill this one but me. My welcome call into the world. 

All of this is coming to while I’m listening to a song called, “The need to Know” I’m big on noticing patterns and “coincidences” and this seems like one I needed to know. “I’m not trying to pressure you, just can’t stop thinking about you.” Those lyrics were the major portion of the song, coincidently again God is always thinking about us, he’ll never pressure you but he always has that urge and “The need to know” for you that he has called you to a purpose.

 I know this little fact, this intense feeling that I’m about to explode. I know that God isn’t just preparing me for a certain country but for the whole world. I have a strong feeling that this writing piece is prophecy for what’s about the come.

Me, Ms. Mercedes Brown is vastly about to change this world. The new face in the limelight. Thank God for all the favor he is giving me with people, I will be able to reach whoever, whenever. Changing lives is my new occupation. “Who is she?” Is all you might be wondering right now, but you can start with, “The Woman Of The Generation.”

Traveling Through 

Close your eyes to find a world hidden within the mind, but if the mind were a place I’d be super hesitant to visit, very unsure of when I’d leave, or just regret every moment I could of gone.

Pretty Naked

Let these words be physical touch with so much passion you can’t help but open up. Gripping your emotions as they evaporate back into your skin, you wear these words. But I will run around naked waiting for my perfect outfit, I won’t fight my skin. Feed me feed me passionate words to soak in.