Uncertainty is proof that God exist, How? Because we are aware of two things in one moment when we are obviously just one thing. It’s like saying we are two people when we are obviously just one and if you do try and say there is “two of you” you end up being medicated and potentially locked up and labeled. How tragic that our lack of understanding can bring such oppression, but to circle back uncertainty is telling us that something should be but it isn’t. How? Well first you would need two subjects to create that awareness in the first place, 2nd where could those two subjects stem from because obviously they come from somewhere. They are just there present within you right? How? If you didn’t put the concepts in you, then someone outside of you must of…. mmmh who could that be and if the entire world is also thinking the same but don’t know how it all got there, clearly something else is out there, outside of us. 

It’s like a math equation, you need the equation and you (your brain) right? Exactly

We have us recognizing the uncertainty but where did the knowledge of uncertainty come from. Not from someone because they too just “recognized” we still need the second part to the “equation” who is that?

Lived Life Twice

On the basis that God exists, I’ve lived life twice.. 1 of me broken and the other me not but completely complete.. So I’ve had to live life backwards, while moving forward to come into harmony with… myself

We are always “yearning” for something, actually now it’s clear and it’s someone… Your- self

This is why life is not random, how could it be if you’ve already lived it

God is perfect so you can bet we came out perfect the first time. Then we touched base and well… we know the story

Scriptural prove to begin with cause it’ll take some “opening” to get past what we’ve come to know and understand but these are a great start:

Psalm 139:13-14 

Luke 12:7

Psalm 37:4


If your sad before you become successful just know that sadness is going to rob your success eventually… Take care of you first then have fun cause then the fun will never end how could it if you have nothing that’ll get in the way….

Most of our feelings are dead or gone but… Mine Are Not 

Imagine feeling sadness that is not even your own or picking up the energies of a fallen world full of broken hearts that have been piling up at your front door the moment you opened your eyes to this earth. Or knowing you should do something but the weight of another hunts you down and your not moving unless they are moving. Or the perfect decision becomes the problem because someone else has not been able to move on from it. Or the perfect relationship becomes the perfect disaster from the past because your ex has not seemed to move on and may never will. Or being told you need glasses but your lenses are made up of little fragments of other people causing you to almost see what they once saw in a light they have never adapted to or simply seeing things they have always skimmed past. Or having to be the “good guy” in disguise because your niceness is rare and is usually taken for granted, mistreated, misunderstood, or mislead.

This is my heart on the exam table, my brain being used for research, my body used as a cadaver, and my thoughts being recorded. Empathy is my first name, highly sensitive is my purpose. I write to fulfill others curiosity, I also write so others can imagine how it feels. To imagine how one feels their way through life, how one feels their way through people without having to know them or their story, how one looks without eyes even having to be open because their emotions are strong enough to see for themselves, how one talks without words, listens with only heart, sees past the mind, understands deep down to the soul. 

I let my heart be my heart, my heart be my brain, my heart be my body, my heart be my emotions, my heart be rock, my heart be my guide, and my heart be my purpose. So, you don’t exactly have to take a walk in my shoes, I’ll write a path for you. 

Traveling Through 

Close your eyes to find a world hidden within the mind, but if the mind were a place I’d be super hesitant to visit, very unsure of when I’d leave, or just regret every moment I could of gone.

Money talks right? It stole your identity to

You work for me now because I do not care how much of me you make and I do not care how much time it takes, your my slave. With or without the shackles I promise I now control what you do and I dare you to try and drop me because guess what? I control your living situations, what you eat, what you think, your emotions, and what you do so you’ll be nothing without me slave. I even gave you your identity along with changing your goals to fit my range so if you do not have the money you’ll turn your back on friends and family and maybe even kill someone, but I have not decided yet so shut your mouth when I’m talking to you, I’m always talking to you because money talks right? I just need you to know I’ll turn you into a disrespectful person, I’ll take away all of your values, I’ll even take your soul because you’ll sell it to me if I tell you it’ll keep you off the streets. I’m taking away your sleep because I know you’ll do anything for me and your health isn’t so important right? I hope you enjoy your children’s birth and those sleepless nights caring for them because I promise I’m taking them too, when they are of age you’ll either end up placing them in daycare or you’ll leave them with your parents because you need the money to take care of them right? Love does not cost a thing, nurturing does not cost a thing, memories do not cost a thing, you being there to watch them grow and set an example does not cost a thing, but you sold your soul a long time ago when you forgot to read the fine print so now when you sit down with your child who is 18 now and you have no clue who they are, what they’ve gone through, their desires, and their wishes, do not forget you became my slave a long time ago and I told you I control EVERYTHING. 

Your afraid to think of other ways to survive so all you ever see is dollar signs, your so afraid and as the boss you’ll listen to everything I tell you to do. You won’t get to take me with you when you die, so why are you going so hard to speed up the process? Stress will kill you if you have to much of it and let me just tell you, stress is one of my biggest traits and I will give you plenty of it. I will rip you to shreds so continue to follow me because you have everything to lose and material items ultimately have no value so keep coming. Come down to where all the others fell, get lost because I promise I will never help you find you, I stole your identity and the only name that will ever pertain to you is slave. I will follow you home and make myself comfortable in your bed while you toss and turn because you do not have enough of me. I will hide in your purse all cozy while you are constantly hoping for a miracle that I would multiply. I will make holes and manipulate your brain so what you think is right, at the end of the day is wrong. Your worst nightmare in every shadow trapping you and waiting for the rest of your family to sign their life away as well. The ghost by your side I feel you slipping away, losing your grip everyday while I numb your senses because I’m the only thing you need to focus on right? Time won’t erase what I’ll do to you, time won’t give back all you’ve spent chasing me, a piece of paper with no value compared to you. Time won’t give back all the relationships you’ve blown off because you supposedly need money. Time won’t sell you back your soul if you’ve gone to far. Time will erase you while me the dollar bill continues to chase you.

 Don’t you ever wake up feeling like your falling in this useless cycle of money, I will always control you slave. If your not making enough, you fear. If your making a lot, you fear because if you lose it all your right back where you started, I control you slave. I hope you enjoyed your time before you started working because if you signup without reading the fine print or without understanding the purpose I’m actually suppose to have in ones life, I will control you slave. 

Your life is mine and everything and everyone in it, say goodbye because once you die and your eyes are enlightened and you see all the truth, I was always a piece of paper with a value that never compared to you. Your priceless and I cost you everything. Money talks right? Just make sure your mature enough for the conversation because anyone can have money, but not everyone has the proper control over it, and whoever does not becomes my slave forever and I control EVERYTHING.