I’m wondering….. if in the garden of Eden if it weren’t  for the fall would there of only been 1 person and God instead of 2 people and God and the second person be added in down the line just not at the start?

because that second person is who we now fill in for God and then leave God out of it

this shows we need support but is it the support of our fellows or was it always God then our fellows?

and knowing that God comes across as some miracle fairytale thing that you can’t see yeah, but the God I’ve gotten to know is VERY practical, as visible and practical as a president it just takes knowledge and understanding to “see” him, to “bring him down” so he is livable on a personal level :). Being so complex he has protocols it’s a means of protection, and requirements, as well as standards, as well as a way of “swifting”. I see him almost everyday working and smiling at me while doing so, don’t you?

“come one come all” … if  … 😉

"Matthew 13:9-11"

Cheers, to God and the solid rock he built my life on 

I guess not everything is a mindset

you’ll need a filling at some point

so does personal freedom actually exist or is it all just 1 of 2 choices and one of those choices is freedom if you pick that, which resides on a side?

Patient On The Run

I think it’s hilarious that my body can throw a temper tantrum basically telling my mind “no I want this and if you don’t give me this well….. here come the symptoms” 

it’s a strange thing when you become aware of yourself in parts and their interactions with each other as if they had their own lives trying to learn how to work together. How did they separate in the first place? I thought we were one body…