this ain’t no role model stuff im settin right now.. I’m on the field, gun fire and IEDs everywhere

I can’t see nothin

I brought myself back

To understand life as a whole you need the other half which is death which is something we are taught to fear, revere, and avoid at all cost but its life. Go through it now and it’ll just be temporary but if you die before you die it’s PERMANENT . If you are aware of yourself “dying” then you can save your life but not if you aren’t. It’s going to suck to make that trip not to the grave but in the grave, you are literally going to be buried alive and it’s dark all the time and it’s foul, but you’ll come back… ALIVE, WELL, CAPABLE, AND A SPIRIT.. You’ll leave the body behind and live


my house has been my womb a place of forming and growing, and becoming something. You do so inside in the place unseen and in a place away, it’s dark but familiar and like an actual birthing process you are born when it’s time.