“You only live once so..” is for those who haven’t “tasted” or seen of heaven

“You only live once” is the actual fairytale story that shall remain in the books


Our chemical self can’t produce emotions just reactions

Our physical self can’t produce emotions its just “clothes” lifeless

So who or what within ourselves is producing the emotions and feelings?


Satan does not have a reason God has a reason 

Satan does cause his feelings are hurt, God does cause he is intelligent and wise 

Satan will do what he does because his anger at God because he has no other reason, no true purpose 

We are going to laugh when we actually see he, who has caused us all this “trouble” Broken people do broken things, he in fact is a broken being. 

Meaning he cannot actually go through with his threats being they are just that, threats. He has no real power he can only talk, scare, as we remember he has no purpose and only the one with a purpose can truly make due on his promises. 

You have to resist if not then satan can engage, but even without your engagement Satan will be there, his feelings are hurt, that is the formula for rage. That is how rage is made: Hurt feeling + not being engaged = rage and anger which then turns into jealousy, envy, hate etc. Negative things are all just a science experiment gone wrong because the scientist did not get or have what he wanted or envisioned because he thought of himself as more than what he actually was, thinking he had more ability than what he actually possessed. Like a baby trying to lift weighs, he ain’t ready! but saw himself as a grown up and grew up but was insufficient and never filled “his shoes”. 

A ballon that was filled with air that got popped, be a being filled with a spirit, actual substance vs imagination and wishes and hopes and dreams.