It is possible to gain so much understanding, wisdom, revelation, and knowledge to the point that you personally no longer participate in general in life because those things begin to lead the way.

X-Ray Vision



Cause some of us are born with the ability to see what’s in the HEART, allowing us to see through and past anyones actions… SCARY, if you ask me 


I will steal you without touching you

I will capture you without looking at you

I will know you without being around you

I will see you without vision

Who because You

Me: I only listen to music, and I only learn. Its my verb. Its what makes me,

my human,

because your going to be you.


So what’s the “your” model…


If your sad before you become successful just know that sadness is going to rob your success eventually… Take care of you first then have fun cause then the fun will never end how could it if you have nothing that’ll get in the way….