The enemy knows God isn’t violent so he sends violence against God’s people…. Clever? mmh God gets it, he smirks (kids)…. Then

God sends authority…. to his people, God’s type of authority is soul winning, the enemy’s mind bending..

The obstacles that one must go through to gain God’s type of authority (impossible odds) MANY do not make it. 1 point to the enemy

But the one who CAN overcome and gain that level of authority 99 points to them..

This is the greatest battle on the planet, it’s the motive behind everything we see in the physical. “It is” because God Vs. The Enemy still continues

Every plot, storyline, commercial, business, lifestyle, desire, dreams, goals, purpose, drive, want, need, hope etc stems from this battle!!!


God vs The Enemy !!!!

Car Accident

It’s dangerous to take the backseat in life you want to be upfront in the driver seat. Who’s driving the car? That’s the thing about life it moves with or without you meaning your car is currently moving with or without you either in the front or in the back, hands on the wheel or not.

Your car moves with or without you because we don’t control life, it was given to us….Literally

And we still have the audacity to think there is no God? How do you explain a car moving and driving by itself? Even a car that does have that ability has an engineer who programmed it to do just that, drive with or without hands… Sounds a little too similar to what God does with life, moving it with or without us…. The engineer is symbolic for God

Life is a life threatening situation EVERY SINGLE DAY just like driving is….. Wow

When you’re in a car you are alert right? it’s dangerous to not be right? So to just be “going through the motions” of life not alert is life threatening and you’ve probably already crashed and that’s what turmoil is symbolic for in your life if you have any, and your on a gurney being transported to the hospital by life flight…RIGHT NOW IF

Lived Life Twice

On the basis that God exists, I’ve lived life twice.. 1 of me broken and the other me not but completely complete.. So I’ve had to live life backwards, while moving forward to come into harmony with… myself

We are always “yearning” for something, actually now it’s clear and it’s someone… Your- self

This is why life is not random, how could it be if you’ve already lived it

God is perfect so you can bet we came out perfect the first time. Then we touched base and well… we know the story

Scriptural prove to begin with cause it’ll take some “opening” to get past what we’ve come to know and understand but these are a great start:

Psalm 139:13-14 

Luke 12:7

Psalm 37:4


It is possible to gain so much understanding, wisdom, revelation, and knowledge to the point that you personally no longer participate in general in life because those things begin to lead the way.

X-Ray Vision



Cause some of us are born with the ability to see what’s in the HEART, allowing us to see through and past anyones actions… SCARY, if you ask me 


I will steal you without touching you

I will capture you without looking at you

I will know you without being around you

I will see you without vision