“I’m going to ruin their whole lives then leave but they are going to have to pick up the pieces with my picture hanging on the wall above the pieces. I wore black that day cause I knew I would be stuck at a funeral, in memory hence why I’m a picture on the wall… I was never truly there anyways, in their lives”

Part 2

How weird it would be to see a baby only still in diapers sitting in the CEO office (top position) waiting to give out “life”


“Look at this guy….. hahah this should be fun… He can’t be serious can he” -*those who just met the “baby” man boss*

For some reason they “saw” a man, an adult man.. Was it just a costume? is it all just a “celebration” a joke cause if so… *phew* we’ll get a second chance


Our chemical self can’t produce emotions just reactions

Our physical self can’t produce emotions its just “clothes” lifeless

So who or what within ourselves is producing the emotions and feelings?

Temper Tantrums

The Enemy finds out God’s people are in a tunnel, the Enemy blocks both ends of the tunnel……. OH NO


God then gets rid of the tunnel completely opening up the WHOLE ground because God has control over ALL the elements of the earth…