The Bible is a tease almost it’s what we were but not who we are so we can’t live what was suppose to be until we are who we were first designed to be. I’m not sure we will be of the bible till after the world ends and God starts it all over again. So like it’s a tease it’s like what we get to look forward to, it’s who God is but not what we are.

We fell

God went away

So did the reality in the bible it’s in a case “on display” we get to “see” it, everything on earth is prep for it, the restoration. Is not everything about God about this huge plan of us all being redeemed? We’re going to be wrong in one way or another but God is




and we will get a second chance we just have to deal with the consequences now though ;(

So don’t try and aim for perfect on earth, he, it will come

So don’t beat yourself up for “your wrong” but don’t abuse that either.



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