God has allowed me to see  life from a 2-way mirror… So like I can see within people and their “insides” become hallways, deep deep hallways with rooms, lots and lots of rooms. I instinctively know which rooms I can go into, the ones with the light shining under the door and it’s so dark within the halls the rooms are impossible to miss. Some halls are quiet and some are heavy, but sometimes god will move me out-of-the-way and like replaced me with HIS heart. OMG…. Sometimes it’s so intense it’s like trying to figure out where I am like my life opens up like this park in a dream with the merry-go-round and the flower fields. I’m totally there and so you can kind of see why it’s so intense, I’m in two places at once, knowing me then putting that to the side and then putting on the other heart.

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