A Phenomenon

Those Drastic type of new understandings that drop in and change your mind so deeply, you’d be convinced your eyeballs were rotating and your mind is literally shifting. I guess this is what the great phenomenon, “different states of mind” feels like. Where you feel first and think later, where the thoughts that you knew blew right through the walls grabbing every brain cell by the stems revealing to you what’s about to be a new you.

Like you just created your own Déjà vu that you are fully aware of before it’s about to happen. How mad a scientist must go trying to not only put this to words but describing and proving it to you. This type of stuff literally creates new life and as far as I know this drastic understanding could be a clone. Something far greater and far beyond anything my eyeballs can see and my mind could comprehend. It’s like you want to jump out and watch yourself as it happens, a must see site in a museum. That’s drastic


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