Airplane ModE

Everything is so tangible right now like I could feel these same emotions in my sleep. Like if I were dreaming, lucid is how I’d be expressed. Like running a race but I’m not shooting for first place its more of just a finish. With change change change, it’s my toothpaste right now I stink without it and my passion is naked, I was just born this way. “What if I kept reaching for the sky..?” Has taken the shape of my brain and thoughts as drastic as question marks. No pencil or paper, I cannot risk being erased or crumbled up and thrown away like a fun game at the office.

This is serious my heart has become a stirring wheel, just the wheel. Figuring everything out are gears and I let everyday be the paint job. So unpredictable dressed in a different color each day because I hate blending in. I stand out but not alone. Questioning everything about life because anything is a possible answer. Feeling my way through, dealing with everyones strange responses later. If I’m wrong and their right or what if I’ve always been right.. Who cares though, right?

I do because I feel everything so intimately like my flesh does not exist, we feel everything on the inside anyways so I’m perfect. Enough to make someone fall in love with me, like my words are therapy or a physical mentally. And I’ll throw in some Telepathy, you know this unreal sensation connecting right through, you reach me and I reach you. A Genius if I chose to write poetry with a sincere promise that I’d be everyones favorite poet. Writing words that I grabbed from my heart, where right now your imagination would be invalid because I mean this as literal as possible.

Deepest deep deeps deep, a steep plumat if you were to venture inside my falls, walls that do not cave in. Hikers death is not an option because I’m toooo alive for that. I see in terms of eternity, totally not sexual because I’m writing so just being extremely verb inside of you trying to welcome you to a new breed of reality… Roaming back to standing out but this time I see alone while I’m creating this prototype. Strong desires to change this world, not add onto it or modernize it or add a new update but set free a fairy tale.

Something I’ve allowed my emotions to design because we all dream of being whole, fully alive, no tear or lies, at our full potential. A fairy tale, right? Like Disneyland in your backyard, the happiest place on earth. I just replay this and replay this like sunlight could it be? thinking about it all the time, clock work. Mhm or maybe I’m just in over my head… Again, but just imagine.. Any size imagination will work for this one.

Signed –

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