For those receiving the label “Weird”

It is like all of a sudden you woke up in the morning and your alive, awake, and alert. You’ve began to experience life in many new ways, exposed to many new people. Your no longer comfortable with the basic ways of the world and all the titles the world has placed. You’ve began to do things others could only dream about. You begin to speak like an educated individual taught outside of the system with wisdom and knowledge way past your years. Your attitude is enthusiastic, your positive, you love with your whole being.

You understand things and connect the dots of things only people could dream of. You are no longer a fan of the ways of the world and your behavior begins to reflect that. You have a deeper calling that not even your mother could understand. Your extreme like a fire has been set inside your soul. Your not afraid of difference. Your mind is so open, nothing on this earth could close it, not even death. You can see things like you’ve got 40 pairs of eyes with X-Ray vision and night vision lenses. Your emotions have awakened like they can no longer handle what they’ve been use to. You have an urge to lead and you begin to drift from others so that eventually when you drift back you can help them see the greater picture but because someone does not take the time to understand that, your “weird.” Because in my mind I am awesome but in someone else’s you are not, your “weird.”

You have been made out to look like the bad person but all you see about yourself is the positives and someone sees the negatives, but your “weird.” Because a person sees someone completely different then what you once were, your “weird.” Because you do not hangout in the same crowds, your “weird.” Because your interest reflect a greater picture, your “weird.” Because someone no longer knows who you are, your “weird.” Because their mind cannot comprehend what is going on in your mind, your “weird.” Because your expanding in all areas of your life and they may not be, your “weird.” Because you talk about something others just prance around, your “weird.” People are so use to the same thing but because you like differences and variety, your “weird.” Your happy experiencing life while someone else is experiencing the complete opposite and out of their envy, your “weird.”

Our minds are troubled by the emptiness but because yours is being filled, your “weird.” How long is fear going to continue to drag people along like a dog on a leash. Many do not see the need to admit their insecurities but are so quick to try and hide them by insulting others, ironically in the process they are being exposed. Your acting like a silhouette while they are acting like a dark shadow but, your “weird.” If you do not understand something or someone, ask. If their life is different than yours and that confuses you, ask for a deeper understanding. If your uncomfortable, dig deep down to the root to figure what actually is making you uncomfortable because a majority of the time it isn’t something they did but something you went through and aren’t fully healed from. If your curious, ask.

The dictionary states weird as, “involving or suggesting the supernatural; unearthly or uncanny.” We’re spiritually beings on a human journey, eventually we’ll all be unearthly returning to heaven so really your weird and I’m weird but it’ll all turn negative real fast when you begin to put down a person acting as if you could never go around them, like your better than them, like your more accepted than them. This is for all the people out there labeled as “weird” because I too have received that label. I believe in clarity and speaking out in a just manor so that the close mindedness would be put back.

I live in Portland where one of the main slogans is, “Keep Portland weird.” I’m where I need to be at the moment, making an impact, changing lives. I envision a world where people ask and try to understand before the judgement comes in. You’ll never know a persons story and what they’ve been through or why they are the way they are unless you ask. People constantly change, what you once knew may not be what you know now but that definitely does not make a person “WEIRD.”

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