Satan loves to bring confusion and chaos into the world, he loves to go against Gods original design and he loves to take human souls down with him. The victory is already won by Jesus, but he is trying to rally one last and finally time taking down as many people as possible. You came into this world as a baby they way God intended you to be. Any other confusion brought on past birth is not of God. Our God is not a God of confusion therefore any confusion you face is not of him and you must remember it is not about you it is about God and satan wants his revenge and since we belong to God, satan attacks us because of that simply fact, he is here to steal/kill/& destroy. To destroy your God given image, your families, your relationships, your understanding. To kill your soul so you eventually don’t make it. To steal your hope, to steal your joy, to steal your love, to steal your life. We do not need to change or add onto anything we were born with but satan will do whatever to make you think you need this or you need that. He is like a hungry lion waiting around to pounce on the weak. We were not given a spirit of fear but one of power and authority. If we are living lives that do not match up with the bible, satan has gripped your life. We must wake up because the time is now.


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