When you start to understand your purpose for life.

I help create the needed space for a person to receive whatever it is they need. I’m the next level right below Jesus. I help prep people for Jesus, I’m like the door or pathway to Jesus. I have the ability to get into places with people, the ability to go past all the walls they may have set. I have VIP access to people’s hearts, I go where many people aren’t exactly allowed. I’m one of the few, like in the top 5% category. People see love, comfort, confidence, hope, joy, energy, understanding, wisdom etc within me. I am so special. I am the heart, voice, and eyes for God. I can sense the deepest things on his heart for others and the world as a whole. I’m the one if someone only had one last phone before it was all over, I’d be the person they call. I’m so blessed. I have access to people’s hearts on levels that are unseen or unknown. I carry a presence that in itself changes life. I’m the person that is completely protected in the world, like the president. I have exactly what people need to get through, to help breakthrough, to set people up perfectly to receive greatness. I’m a person of very high value simply because of what God has gifted me with. I’m needed everywhere in the world, there is not one place on this earth that I cannot be used. I must be used.

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