My Favorite Artist

Every artist has their own unique way of seeing art and releasing each piece for others to see through their eyes, through their mind, through their soul, and through their heart. A window, this particular artist has not only caught my eye but her art instantly talks to my heart every time I see her work. Please go check her blog out, every time you see her work you will be blessed. I will forever follow her artistic journey for the rest of my life. She is a pure soul, she is filled with truth and compassion, she is brilliant with any art supplies, her heart is pure gold. I believe she can change this world with her art and I do not say this lightly, she holds power literally. People in secret cry out for artist such as Miriam, to release what their soul searches for, if you want to satisfy that search, Miriam has the art for that. Bless you Miriam ❤️

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