Drake Version… Because who doesn’t listen to Drake? 

Let it go… Your mad at the world, your mad at him, your mad at her, can you be mad at yourself? Can you look in the mirror silent without regret, without sorrow, without confusion? Do you understand what went wrong or when it went wrong, were you the cause of it or where you part of it? Does it not take two to tango? Were you not offered free will at birth? Do you understand your own corruptions, the damage you’ve done to your mind-body-and soul, why your mind is out of control or why you cannot seem to ever find any. A naked body does look like porcelain but do you lust for it when you should be showing respect for it, staying in your boundaries without playing the blame game, “Oh he wanted it first.. But she asked for it..” Excuse my boldness, but you corrupted little monster you. 

Are you really alive or do you tell yourself that before you fall asleep at night without fear, your waking up the next morning. The soul, the mind, and the heart we cannot see but evidently you still have a physical body that reflects. Your not quiet because as long as your walking, reacting, acting, showing emotions, or producing actions I see you. I see your mind and body role playing with your soul. I see corruption has taken a toll, I see you don’t really understand what it means to be out of control, I see a broken heart not in love with its body, I see tears from all the past years, I see fears, and I see questions marks. I’m not a psychiatrist, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a counselor, I’m broken just like you. This is me this is you. 

I hate to take the blame but I love to step up to the plate saying what you don’t want to hear or saying what you fear because someone has to do it. I see the damage and I see the corruption. I see my mind interacting with my soul while its interacting with my body. I see broken hearts and I can feel the heart beat, the missed ones have been caught. Like vibrations I hear the sounds and our world sounds horrible but in harmony we sound great. I see the change and I see the games. I see how everybody just wants to be loved and accepted called beautiful and not rejected. I see the passions and I see the dead flames, water got to you. I see the mind troubled by the emptiness. I feel so deeply like my heart has its own pair of eyes to see what my brain is also registering for me. 

My feelings are definitely not dead, a silhouette maybe but the radar range is C.I.A approved, I could sit in the White House without security. I see it, I feel it, I know it sharply. But at the beginning I had to be mad at myself enough to understand, enough to notice the damage, enough to notice the corruption, enough to look into the mirror without sorrow regret or confusion. I feel so deeply now. I see so deeply now. I had to let go.

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