Eye my of been O U T of B O D Y

The situations and all that I was going through become human, it took on my form, knew exactly how I spoke, captured my walk, my expressions, my emotions, and my identity. Each situation kept signing contracts with one another, hatching new offices all throughout my brain. Little by little, day by day my old features took on new features with a tag labeled, “Try Me.” Subconsciously I was stuck, I had no access, but consciously everybody thought they knew me, so did I. My main view became a two way, I was knocking on this glass screaming at the top of my lungs, the situations saw me, you saw me, I saw me, but I could not see me. How does ones brain function without the intended soul behind the mother board? I could not even parent myself because I was not the soulmate. I was not behind that brain, but I could hide and remain hidden. I could continue letting each situation file more papers, print new material, and ask more questions. So I did, so what I think I did, I just did, confused.
To keep in mind all that was not mine began to manifested itself, fear was not mine but in mind it swam in my thoughts, skinny dipping comfortably. Confusion was not mine but in mind it made sure to keep me off track. Lies were not mine but in mind forced my heart into captivity. Love was mine but in mind felt un-welcomed. Hope was mine but in mind hide in captivity. With a mind at war, limbs being held, and a heart thrown out I could not make sense of any situations, eventually a mirror manifested and I saw I had turned them all into me, my human, my being. It’s like being trapped in your own trap that you set for yourself, throwing away the blueprints and everything used, then setting up a camera, pressing play and hoping for a better ending. My only ending would come if I let go of these situations I let manifest through my brain. Grasping the concept that I am She, I slipped out of situations, because they do not belong to me. Control, let me reign, let me run back because situations cannot trap She. This out of body experience was not for you anyways.

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