Mentally Disturbed

Erase these thoughts please, but they were written in permanent marker. Just let go of the marker and stop writing, this habit has become permanent. You left all of these sticky notes, “replay this thought, relive this moment.” I can’t even imagine. Trying to forget but I know you regret it, love. I had a feel set in mind, I replayed it over and over, I wrote it all out, piece by piece and now I’ve been left behind. Mentally disturbed, I just replay it, love… Wait, how are we even having this conversation, I said erase it. Marked and beaten, my mind needs a break, okay.. “Mentally disturbed,” this is the only thought I’m so focused on. I’ve gotten inside your brain, I never left you behind. You remind me of porcelain, very delicate, I don’t just think of you during special occasions. I set you out, you wandered, fell back and shattered but I collected the pieces and put them back together, disturbed. I know something is off, but I didn’t have enough glue. I never meant to do this to you… But I saw the sticky notes. “Relive, relive, replay, replay.” I took you on a journey, but you portrayed the pictures this way. You regret it, huh love? I’ve left you mentally disturbed. Permanent, how could this all possibly be erased away. From thoughts, to emotions, thinking your mind is floating hopeless. So I flipped the script, mentally disturbed you have always been a person, I just can’t seem to remember where it all started inside.

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