Decayed Human

You literally have been eating away at my heart the moment I was conceived. Don’t you hate the silence, I’m starring at you and of course you have nothing left to say. Where is the passion, the single minded question, what is life. You decaying human, what’s your name, what’s your favorite color, or better yet what’s your favorite game. Let me guess, hiding from one another, in the dark, shining lights, but I can’t seem to find your shadow. Your reflection is missing, decayed human. I knew this was bound to happen, you chose to follow your own path.. How did you not notice the missing walk way. With your eyes covered, crawling on an abandoned roadside, no sunrise, no sunset. This is living? Is it New age, or an old phase because I don’t even want to begin trying to understand why you fight your own skin. A human is complex, we have instructions, and if you forget them it leads to destruction. You have beautiful skin to portray a perfect complexion, but you’ve started to decay, leaving yourself behind, everything you do is an opened grave. Brittle bones, your thinking about this all the time. Skipping heart beats, hoping someone will give you what you’ve hoped for. Loveless love can’t possibly make you feel good. Your eyes seeing what’s behind, just look up. Your body adores you, if you could see your own human, you as you, you’d fall right back in love. Reconstruct yourself, the smell of decay is rotten. Putting you back together may not be easy, but you are meant to remain together, whole, full of life. So take your time, human.

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