Ice Moon

I’m chosen… Do you ever wonder what exactly does that mean? Well I could tell you about my unraveling life, you could build up the fascination to want to unravel your own, I could show you the way, but just know that none of this is pretend. This is not a summer time saddness, a winter time depression, a fall through spring, or wanting to leave your life during the fall. I live this, I am this. I’m that one lost character who found my way. You see I don’t necessarily hate fair tales, or hidden realities, or scary stories, but I want my own imagination to wonder into reality splashing it’s own colors everywhere. I loved dark places at some point in my life, I would travel down allies hoping something would happen, then go cry myself to sleep at night because none of this made sense.. Why wasn’t anything going wrong, I was soaking in evil, I took myself under, I didn’t want to know my value, I even went to church because I was scared. I found out very quickly that church is not a hiding place, and Jesus is very much ALIVE. Being alive in this world today is being on drugs, “Pop a Molly, I’m sweating.” Being alive in this world today is collecting as much money as you possibly can without the consent to understand that it will unroot your evil. Being alive in this world today is beating down others in areas you are insecure about yourself. Being alive in this world today is trying to take on your own life, while the creator who has placed you on this earth has it all planned out for you, and being alive in this world today is acting completely outside of love, but it is the glue that holds everything together. I have done plenty of things inside this world, and have still come up missing. Sending out my own police report, and for anyone that could find me, the reward was always my life being returned back to my missing body. How many out of body experiences does one want to have before they to are forever found. One secret I have been told and will forever hold on to is that once I die, I have the opportunity to live forever… Eternity. No harm, no tears, no fear, no wrong doing, all wrapped in love. Love cast out all fear, if you are broken you carry some kind of fear. That fear is your new title, and you operate completely out of it. You are.. Out of it. Walking around blind with your own hands as the patches, where exactly do you plan to go? Because I fell in this hole, I actually dug it myself. It slowly became deeper each day and the shovel was made up of all my fears, my insecurities, love lost, and my broken identity. I didn’t exactly want to climb out because on my way up I had to deal with everything I put down. The only question, was it worth it? Only if I want it, but why should I…

Because If you asked me why, at this point I’d response, “why not?” I don’t have the keys to life but everyday I’m being told the means of life. The do’s & the dont’s, the consequences & the answers, the seek and you shall find, and all the ups & downs caught in between. I want to travel the world, see new things. Expose myself to unexposed danger with no lab coat, clearing my googles of dust from rural jungles, being chased by kids with a dream. Sleeping on mattresses with no springs because every family or friend I come in contact with carries bounce. I want to make truth know like the silent echoes carrying on for miles. If I had a smile for every dream I’ve been making, I’d finally be able to add a face along to match. Thousands of people pleading to be loved, I’d dress myself in any form people needed me to be. I just want to be out there, with them, like the sunset in the sky. This kind of stuff brings tears to my eyes because I know I belong out there. So many people say a 9-5 job won’t cut, and nether does not knowing your full worth along with your potential. Everything that is in store for me is nowhere near the resembles of a job because I will always love what I’m doing, I will wake up with one focus, my father. I call him Zi, short for Zion, but others know him as God. He knows everything y’all.

I don’t exactly know when I subscribed to the wrong subscription.. But look I’ve been chosen, I’ve always wondered who was watching, so yeah no questions, I’ll go. Follow my life, because even if you don’t want to follow Jesus, I will and you can live out your hidden Jesus quest through me. I have an imagination that I have never seen, my heart is to big to keep in seams, and well I wasn’t just put on earth to live basic. If you know me, my character speaks loud enough as confirmation. I’m rare, we all are.. Who exactly are you. I’m Mercedes brown and I love Jesus y’all 🙂

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